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Get some hints about where to start if you don't have a strategy or need some help finding out if it is relevant to think about for your company. Below is a scoring overview that you can use to compare how sustainable your production is by using the number in your score.

0-6 points

Well we've got some work to do, if sustainability is a an important aspect or differentiation mechanism for your company. We recommend starting out with some basic introductions to these subject matter. You can find more about these specifically by looking into the impact toolbox under production.


You are on the right path, but the road ahead to becoming more sustainable will be long, and full of challenges, trials and tribulations. For companies at this level, we recommend talking to experts, and professionals in the field. You can also target and tailoring your approach to your market so that you can create impact and differentiation quickly. This is important for issues for which you have the most risk exposure or could also be connected to one of your most important value propositions for your customer segment or image.


Now we are talking! Your company has obviously invested a lot of time, energy and resources in understanding risks and rewards in tackling sustainability. However, you have yet to see if your investment has paid off. Here your company should be looking at investing resources (knowledge, financial or manpower) into self reinforcing systems that will allow you to:  1. evaluate your success 2. improve your targets 3. re-evaluate and strengthen under-performing sustainability  initiatives.


You are pretty much good to go, your journey towards being more sustainable is fairly comprehensive and robust. Now your company can focus on becoming a true trendsetter and powerhouse that can lead the way in your industry. Here your company should invest in self-sustaining reporting mechanisms, communication and frameworks that allow you to benefit from the results. This will help you achieve or maintain your identity as a company that takes sustainability seriously.
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