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Value Chain Mapping

Mapping your value chain gives you an overview of your production activities and your overall business from upstream to downstream, from start to finish. Making a thorough mapping helps you understand where in your business you potentially have an either positive or negative impact on people and planet. It also helps you identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and miscommunications within the process.


The value chain mapping may contain many complex elements from resources, materials, design components, production processes and facilities, transport, packaging, PR & communication, take-back service and circular loops. We offer two simple mappings and link you to a more complex one in Miro based on Porter’s Value Chain Model.


This is a step by step guide for you to download. 

Krüger, H; Hjort, T; et al. Guidelines II: A handbook on sustainability in fashion, 2012

Use Miro to visually lay out your value chain. 

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