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How can you build trust through transparency?

There is an increasing demand for transparency from both consumers, governments, and others key stakeholders. Recent legislations demand companies to document sustainability claims more thoroughly. Transparency and traceability in your value chain builds trust and loyalty not only to your customers, but to various important stakeholders that your company depends on and collaborate with. You need to understand all aspects of your value chain and supply chain, your positive and negative footprint. Be honest about what you do well and what you could do better and report and communicate about it.  


You will find links to websites, articles and reports that can give you a further introduction into the field of transparency and reporting.  

The world's largest corporate sustainability initiative

Changing how we produce and consume: New Circular Economy Action Plan shows the way to a climate-neutral, competitive economy of empowered consumers.

The EU's sustainable product policy, ecodesign legislation and energy labelling are effective tools for improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of products.

What is BLOCKCHAIN? The best explanation of blockchain technology

Business needs comprehensive, credible, comparable impact standards to support economic systems change.

Blockchain technology is most simply defined as a decentralized, distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset. 

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